Bellofram Type 50 & 50 NACE Filter Air Set Regulators

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The Marsh Bellofram Type 50 & Type 50 NACE are reliable, precision filter air set pressure regulators, designed for instrumentation and general purpose use in both standard (Type 50) and corrosive environments (Type 50 NACE). The Type 50 NACE complies with NACE material requirement #MR-01-75 for sulfide stress cracking-resistant metallic materials for oil field equipment.               The rugged design and construction of the Type 50 includes the incorporation of diecast aluminum housings that are finished with epoxy paint for added protection against scratching, weathering and other challenging environments. Careful design and use of quality materials ensure long, trouble-free operation, even in the most difficult of industrial environments. The user-adjustable Type 50 series offers superior pressure regulation vs. flow characteristics, excellent stability, repeatability and built-in filter with dripwell. A rubberized, soft-seat valve stem provides positive shut-off and “forgives” dirt or other foreign matter. An aspirator maintains downstream pressure and compensates for droop when high flow occurs. A gauge port facilitates convenient gauge installation and can be used as an additional full flow outlet. In addition, Type 50 NACE regulators include an easily serviceable and self-cleaning 316 stainless steel mesh filter that can be side, panel, pipe or through-body mounted.

Applications               ·   Oilfield Equipment (NACE approved version)               ·   Chemical Processing Plants (NACE approved version)               ·   Corrosive Industrial Environments (NACE approved version)               ·   Air Chucks               ·   Air Spray Guns               ·   Air Cylinders and Actuators               ·   Industrial Pneumatic Systems and Equipment             ·   Pilot-operated Controllers and Instruments