ProComSol HM-RS232-ISO, RS232 HART Modem, Isolated

Easily connect your PC to your HART instruments with our RS232 HART modem. The HM-RS232-ISO is a self-powered isolated HART modem that helps streamline configuration and monitoring. As an electronically isolated HART modem, our RS232 HART modem also offers enhanced safety and performance features.

Data Sheet



  • 1500 Vdc Opto Isolation between HART and RS232 circuits
  • Integral standard RS-232 female connector
  • Integral heavy duty HART Minigrabber connectors
  • Designed to meet HART Physical Layer Spec HCF_SPEC-54
  • Self powered, no external power supply or batteries needed
  • 48” (1.2m) cable length
  • No driver installation necessary
  • Compact size 2.75” x 2.0” x 0.8” (70mm x 51mm x 20mm)
  • Rugged ABS plastic enclosure
  • Custom cable lengths available
  • HART Modem Test Program included
  • HART Foundation Registered, Registration Number L2-06-1000-305
  • CE certified
  • Cost effective
  • Each unit 100% tested
  • 1 Year warranty