Bellofram Type 1000 I/P & E/P Transducers

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The Marsh Bellofram Type 1000 is an electro-pneumatic transducer that reduces a supply pressure to a regulated output pressure directly proportional to a converted electrical input signal. The Type 1000 accepts a wide range of supply pressures, ranging from a minimum of 3 psig (0.2 BAR) above the maximum output up to 100 psig (6.9 BAR). An integral pneumatic volume booster provides high flow capacity (up to 12 SCFM/339 slpm). Model selections include general purpose, NEMA 4X Type, extended range, high relief, intrinsically safe, and explosion proof. The 4-20 mA input, 3-15 PSIG output model can be recalibrated to provide 3-9 PSIG or 9-15 PSIG output for split ranging applications.

Applications •      Valve Actuators •      Damper and Louver Actuators •      Valve Positioners •      Controllers •      Relays •      Air Cylinders •      Clutches and Brakes •      Liquid, Gas and Slurry Processing Instrumentation •      HVAC Systems •      Paper Handling Controls •      Textile Processing Systems •      Energy Management Systems •      Petrochemical Processing Systems •      Split Ranging Applications