Ralston DCAP-PV Pneumatic Pressure/Vacuum Hand Pump

A versatile, easy-to-use pressure pump that allows you to quickly switch to vacuum testing with just a turn of a knob, the Ralston DCAP-PV Pressure/Vacuum Hand Pump is ideal for calibrating DP pressure transmitters, testing pressure switches or checking pressure gauges in the field.



  • Ability to generate pressure to 650 psi / 4.5 MPa
  • Ability to generate vacuum to 28.5 inHg / 710 mmHg
  • Quick switch from pressure to vacuum testing at the turn of a knob – no additional tool required
  • Each pump comes with Ralston Quick-test™ connections for easy connection in the field
  • Multiple pressure ports for connecting both a reference gauge and a hose to the device under test
  • Durable, no-slip metal handles do not fatigue and come loose over time
  • Stainless steel fittings prevent damage from corrosion, wear or hazardous substances
  • Fine adjust piston with bronze bearing allows smooth, precise adjustment of pressure
  • Made in the USA