Ametek Type T Hydraulic Deadweight Tester

The Type T tester is a dead weight tester that offers laboratory accuracy in an instrument designed to withstand an industrial environment or daily stresses of a manufacturing environment. Each tester features a re-entrant type measuring piston and cylinder assembly. This design reduces the rate of fluid leakage and increases float time, helping to maintain accuracy as test pressures increase.

A dual volume pumping feature allows a large volume of fluid to be added at low pressures to fill the system and increase pressure rapidly. Once filled, switch to a smaller volume to easy pumping and provide finer control at higher pressures.

Data Sheet



• Accuracy to 0.015% of reading
• Ranges to 15,000 psi
• Available in psi, kg/cm², bar, and kPa
• Small incremental weight sets available

• Overhung weight carrier reduces side thrust and friction
• Over-pressure protection prevents piston damage
• 3- leg design with bulls-eye leveling system
• Single and dual column versions available to meet a wide variety of applications