Jofra PTC Series – Professional Temperature Calibrator


AMETEK continues to develop new techniques to improve performance, accuracy, convenience and functionality of the well-known JOFRA calibration products. By doing so, we maintain our position as the leading worldwide manufacturers of temperature dry-block calibrators.

The PTC calibrator comes in three different models:


•  Model A – basic model, without input

•  Model B – full model, with DLC sensor input and input for reference sensor and sensor-under-test

•  Model C – middel model with DLC sensor input and input for reference sensor


The PTC offers many of the weel-known JOFRA features, such as:


•  Easy-to-read color VGA display with perfect overview of the actual calibration status

•  Intelligent recalibration information, IRI

•  Intuitive, fast and user-friendly navigation

•  Lightweight and easy to carry around

•  Functional carrying case

•  Multi-hole insert kits covering all the most used sensor sizes

•  High profile design and the well-known long lasting JOFRA quality


PTC-125 from -90 to 125°C (-130 to 257°F)NEW!!

PTC-155 from -25 to 155°C (-22 to 311°F)

PTC-350 from 33 to 350°C (91 to 662°F)

PTC-660 from 33 to 660°C (91 to 1220°F)