Crystal HPC40 Series Pressure Calibrator

The HPC40 Series is the world’s first combined pressure and mA loop calibrator to be fully temperature compensated from -20 to 50° C. You can count on the same accuracy whether measuring pressure, current, voltage, or temperature.

Combine the HPC40 Series with any of our ready to use AMETEK pump systems, to provide a complete calibration kit.

Data Sheet – psi

Data Sheet – bar

Data Sheet – MPa



  • 0.035% of Reading Accuracy
  • Gauge, Absolute, and Differential Pressure to 15,000 psi / 1000 bar / 100 MPa
  • Advanced Simplicity “Non-Menu” Interface
  • Measure & Source mA with External Loop Power or Internal 24 VDC Power Supply
  • High Accuracy Thermometer with “True Ohm” Technology
  • Store & Recall Previously Used Screens
  • Flexible Power Options Including Rechargeable