Looking to replace an obsolete Altek* or Transmation* calibrator?
PIECAL Calibrators are designed and built by members of the same team that created the calibrators now manufactured by Fluke* under the Altek* label. We have been designing calibrators since the 1980s and for PIE since 2001. Improvements include simple “Double Click Menu”, rubber boot with tilt stand, backlit displays with larger digits, rugged switches and battery compartments for fast battery changes. PIE has upgraded replacements for the Altek Multifunction Process Calibrator 820, Altek RTD Calibrators 311A and 211, Altek Thermocouple Calibrators 422 and 322-1 and the Altek 4-20 Milliamp Calibrators 334, 334A and 434. The PIE Model 535 is the perfect replacement for the Transmation 1040 and 1080 for 10-50 milliamp loops.