The 40 series is a one-piece body-style
instrumentation ball valve which is a very popular solution for a wide array of

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Customers choose 40 series for the reasons outlined below:

  • FloLok 40 series valves are clean and seal leak-tight across their entire range of temperatures and pressure. One-piece encapsulating packing eliminates dead space which improves system cleanliness by nearly eliminating entrapped fluids. This design improves the time and quality of venting and purging cycles. The packing also seals equally well in low and high pressure. 40 series valves do not rely on upstream pressure to create a seal.
  • The FloLok 40 series is durable and easy to operate. A one-piece stem and trunnion-style ball promotes stability and alignment of the ball in the flow path, reduces seat wear, and provides lower operating torque.
  • The FloLok 40 series valve is safer. A patented packing retainer prevents the stem from blowing out due to accidental disassembly while the packing is being adjusted or from system vibration.