Martel 10KPSI Hydraulic test pumps from Martel


Hydraulic hand pumps from Martel are the perfect solution when you need high precision with the added benefit of portability. Used with mineral oil, light hydraulic fluid, or de-ionized water – our hydraulic hand pump can easily accomodate test hoses, gauges, and other fittings and be used wherever hydraulic pressure is needed.

As a hydraulic hand pump manufacturer, we’ve spent years designing and engineering hyd pumps that you don’t have to worry about, question, or second guess. Our high pressure hand pumps are reliable in every way you need them to be, whether you’re using them in a fixed location or on the road. By combining sturdy design, engineering, and portability — our high pressure hydraulic hand pump spans a variety of industries and applications, ceaselessly performing with the precision and reliability that’s needed.

Easily generating high pressures ranging from 0 – 10,000 PSI, our high pressure hydraulic hand pump also features a fine adjust vernier to fine tune output pressure, as well as release bleed valves for further fine tuning.. Additionally, the hydraulic hand pump can be used with a number of fluids, from water to light hydraulic fluid and is complemented by fully adjustable stroke control, allowing for fast priming and filling of test systems and the ability to switch to a smaller stroke for easy pumping at high pressure.