PIE 830 Process Calibrator

Get more tools in a smaller calibrator. Carry 8 single function calibrators plus a milliamp calibrator with loop supply,

plus a loop trouble shooter in the palm of your hand.

Milliamp • Voltage • Frequency • pH
Ohms • Thermocouples • RTDs • Pressure
Loop Diagnostics • Transmitter Supply


The PIE Model 830 is more than a multifunction calibrator. It is also a loop detective that is able to diagnose common problems that other test equipment just can not find. Have a flooded junction box or unknown ground faults? Our Loop Diagnostic technology will detect it. Or use the LoopScope to see at a glance all the parameters – milliamps, voltage and resistance – in the loop.

Stop throwing away perfectly good transmitters only to find the problem is somewhere else in the loop. Setup the PIE Model 830 as an isolated universal transmitter and turn on the Loop Diagnostics. The display will tell you EXACTLY the sensor input, the current output and if there is any uncontrolled current in the loop due to a ground fault, corrosion bridge or moisture. If the control system sees no problem when the 830 is acting as a transmitter THEN you can replace the faulty transmitter. With RTDs the 830 automatically detects which of the 2, 3 or 4 wires are connected and unbroken quickly alerting you to a sensor problem. Diagnostic features are covered by US Patent #7,248,058.