PIE 334Plus 4-20mA Loop Calibrator with Current Leakage Detector


The Piecal 334Plus 4-20mA Loop Calibrator with Current Leakage Detector, Automatic Stepping & Ramping, and Built-in 250 Ohm HART Resistor builds on the Pie 334 with advanced features unique to PIE calibrators. Easily find current leaks to ground, deteriorating & damp insulation or corroded terminals with patented loop diagnostic technology. Automated stepping (2, 3 or 5 steps) and ramping lets you set the 334 Plus at one instrument and check any other point in the loop.
Get better calibrations with a five digit display to 20.000 mA. You can read the display in dim conditions with the built-in backlight. Additional improvements over 334 from other manufacturers include better long term stability, accuracy, reliability & ruggedness plus improved battery life.
PLUS the PIE 334-Plus exceeds the performance of many higher cost calibrators to meet today’s most demanding requirements while maintaining the familiar, time proven reliability and ease of use of similar calibrators. The PIECAL 334Plus is the new milliamp calibrator standard

  • Calibrate Milliamp Instruments
    • Source: 0.000 to 24.000 mA & -25.00 to 125.00% of 4-20 mA
    • Read: 0.000 to 52.000 mA, -99.99 to 99.99 V
    • Simulate: 2-Wire Transmitters, Power & Read 2-Wire Transmitters
  • Selectable: 250 W resistor for HART compatibility
  • Calibrate with confidence
  • Accurate to ±0.025% of Span at 4.000 & 20.000 EZ-CHECK outputs
  • Easy-to-Read Display
  • Turn on the backlight to read in dark areas of the plant
  • Locate Loop Current Leakages
  • Measures ground current leakage from faulty wiring, flooded conduit and corrosion bridges.
  • Automatic indication of Loop Current and Leakage Current.
  • Faster Calibrations
  • Instantly select three outputs with EZ-CHECK switch Easily find trip points with two speed
  • EZ-DIAL plus Automatic Stepping & Ramping