PIE 211 Multiple RTD Type Calibrator


The PIE 211 Multiple RTD Type Calibrator is functionally equivalent to similar calibrators with five digit displays, knobs and switches.
The PIECAL 211 gives you advantages of an updated design while maintaining the familiar, time proven ease of use of similar calibrators. Choose the Practical Instrument Electronic 211 and get an RTD calibrator with a backlit display, a rubber boot and rugged switches.

  • Calibrate with Confidence
  • Resolution to 0.1° F & C; Accurate to 0.2°
  • Source and Read Multiple RTD Curves plus Ohms
    • Platinum 100 W: a=1.3850, 1.3902, 1.3926
    • Platinum 1000 W: a=1.3850, 1.3750
    • Copper 10 & 50 W; Nickel 110 & 120 W; 0.00 to 4010.0 W
  • Automatically Detect 2, 3 & 4 Wire Connections
  • Connect to any transmitter or sensor and the 311 automatically makes the right connection.
  • Troubleshoot sensor connections & find broken wires with patented technology.
  • Guaranteed Compatible with all Instrumentation
  • Works with Rosemount & Honeywell Smart Transmitters, PLCs, DCSs, Multi-Channel Recorders and other pulsed excitation devices. Accurate at all excitation current levels.
  • Faster Calibrations; Instantly select three outputs with EZ-CHECK switch
  • Easily find trip points with two speed EZ-DIAL knob & Automatic Stepping
  • Easily Change RTD Types & Scale
  • Easy-to-Read Display; Turn on the backlight to read in dark areas of the plant
  • Simple Battery Changes
  • Separate compartment for no-tool battery changes
  • Uses four inexpensive “AA” batteries