PGI SRE-6 and GLE-6 Indicators

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For the measurement and Diagnosis of Pulsation-Induced Square Root and Gauge Line Errors in Orifice Meters.
SRE-6 and GLE-6 Features

Significantly reduces total time to perform SRE tests
~Quick installation of gauge line / transducer assembly
~Simplified calibration procedure
~Windows based software
Calculates % SRE, % GLE and estimates a dollar value of measurement error
Sampling rate of 5,000 hz
Real-time spectrum analysis displays pulsations and frequencies
Off-line processing allows for recalculation of SRE at user-defined spectrum range
Automatic warning and interpretation of high resonance frequencies induced by the manifold
Prints custom reports
System Components

Data acquisition card USB transducer interface
Validyne P-855D DP transducer with one-valve manifold
Transducer interface box and connection cables
PGI International SRE/GLE Gas Flow Analyzer 6.0 Software