Meriam Precision Absolute Manometer


Meriam’s model M202 Precision Absolute Manometer brings calibration bench accuracy to a portable, handheld unit. The pressure sensor is all 316SS allowing it to be used with liquids, gasses and corrosives compatible with 316SS. This combination of accuracy and fluid compatibility makes the M202 ideal for environmental, test or realtime
process measurements of pressure relative to absolute zero.

The M202 includes features for minimum and maximum (Min/Max) value capture, tare readings and user selectable engineering units. A selectable altitude function allows users to enter site altitude above sea level in order to display local barometric pressure or barometric pressure corrected to sea level. User referenced altitude (referenced to map or trig markers) or altitude based on US Standard Atmosphere of 1962 can be selected for display. Using the altitude function with the Min/Max and Tare features makes the M202 very useful as a surveyor’s tool to accurately measure changes in altitude.