mAcal – mA Loop Calibrator


The mAcal mA loop calibrator generates and measures the current in the loop on 2-wire transmitters including 24 VDC loop supply. The built-in functions contribute to control time saving, process optimization, safe measurements and reduced costs.


  • Stepless setting of the current in the entire measuring range
  • Measures the loop power in the range 0-45 V
  • Measures the current with a resolution of 0.001 mA
  • Special fixed steps stored for linear and flow transmitters or valve positioners, which means that the test will be easier to perform
  • Built-in fixed current values. 7 different programs
  • Choose between manual and automatic steps with 10 or 30 seconds between steps
  • One person can perform the entire test by placing the MACAL in the process loop and operate from the control room