Jofra RTC-Series – Reference Temperature Calibrator


AMETEK continues to develop new techniques to improve our performance, precision, comfort and functionality of the well-known JOFRA calibration products. By doing this, we maintain our position as one of the leading global manufacturers of temperature calibrators.
We are proud to introduce our newest series RTC (Reference Temperature Calibrator) with the dry blocks RTC-156, 157, 159 & 700 and the combined dry block and liquid bath RTC-158 and 250, all of which are even more sophisticated than any existing calibrators.
The new RTC series comes in three different models: * Model A reference temperature calibrator * Model B reference temperature calibrator with input for reference sensor, DLC sensor and sensor-under-test * Model C reference temperature calibrator with input for reference sensor and DLC sensor

Wide temperature range

RTC-156: -30 to 155 ° C

RTC-157: -45 to 155 ° C

RTC-158: -22 to 155 ° C, both dry block and bath

RTC-159: -100 to 155 ° C, ultra cooler

RTC 250: 28 to 250 ° C, and both the dry block bath

RTC 700: 33 to 700 ° C