HPC550Ex-Handheld Pressure Calibrator Family


HPC550/552Ex calibrators feature deadweight tester accuracy in a modern digital package.

The HPC550/552Ex can be used in a very broad range of applications from simple tool type jobs to complex calibration jobs in custody transfer systems. Including potential hazardous areas in Oil, Gas and Chemical industries.The HPC550/552Ex series has been designed to meet high accuracy pressure calibration applications and faciliate your tasks.

HPC550/552Ex offers features such as user configurable information display, 15 different pressure units, transmitter supply, mA input, % error calculation, voltage measurement, serial communication, and external pressure module capability. The accuracy of the HPC550/552Ex calibrators is specified in % of reading to ensure an even better accuracy and wider applicable pressure range. The HPC is temperature compensated from 0 to 45ºC/32 to 113ºF for on-site operation. It is a truly superior pressure calibrator for laboratory and field use, bringing laboratory accuracy into the field.

Wide pressure range

25 mbar to 700 bar FS (0.35 to 10,000 psi)

High acuracy

±0.025% of reading +0.01% F.S.

True field calibrator

Fully temperature compensated

Single or dual sensor versions

Chose between HPC550Ex single sensor calibrator, or HPC552Ex dual sensor calibrator. A HPC552Ex might be an alternative to two separate calibrators, saving investment and cost of ownership

Full set of intelligent features Wide selection of useful functions and features. Damping, leak test, % error calculation, min/max, switch test, etc.


High accuracy thermometer, Pt100 sensor.

Intrinsically Safety – Apparatus – IECEx and EU Ex standards

HPC550/552Ex are intended for use in explosively hazardous areas and designed to prevent ignition by electrical, sparking or heating effects.


KEMA 10 ATEX 1068 X

Ex ia IIB T3 Gb (Ta=-10°C to +45°C)

IECEx CSA 10.0013