HPC400 – Handheld Pressure Calibrator


The HPC400 series is a true calibrator, a field instrument designed for easy and reliable check and calibration of pressure. Use the HPC400 series in process control applications such as verification or calibration of pressure gauges, transducers, transmitters, pressure switches, and safety valves.
The HPC400 series is recognized for its high quality and carefully selected time-saving features making calibration tasks easy to perform. All relevant information is shown in the large multi information display at once, such as: 15 different pressure units, transmitter mA reading, min/max recording, peak reading, and semi-automatic pressure switch test recording the closing, opening and hysteresis pressure (deadband), and 5 user specified setups for frequent measurement/calibration jobs. Maintenance of the instrument is easy.
The HPC can be delivered as an individual calibrator or as a complete calibration system ready for use in a carrying case, including pump, hose, connectors, battery, test leads, user manual, and traceable calibration certificate.